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Those who were old enough at the turn of the century knew how scary the prospect of an end-of-the-world scenario brought about by the millennium bug was. In 1999, everyone was worried that once the clock struck 12 on the last day of the year, all computers would crash causing widespread problems. Most programs used two digits to represent four-digit years so 2000 could be mistaken as 1900.

As it turned out, the world managed to survive albeit a few issues here and there. The Y2K Problem, fortunately for everyone, was solvable and society continued to exist. Still, the thought of an internet breakdown and other similar scenarios are horrific. Many people believe that if such a thing happens now, the world may not be ready.

With that in mind, you should start preparing. Start researching on the possible scenarios after the internet breaks down. You should also consider prepping if you haven’t yet.


Possible Causes of An Internet Breakdown

Celebrities have been trying to break the internet for some time now but no amount of skin baring will take it down. If or when the internet breaks down, it will be because of these factors:


Solar Flares

It has happened before. In 1998, a solar flare disrupted satellites causing pagers (yes, the old school device seen Nick Fury used to call for help), TV, radio, and the direct PC internet to go bonkers. Telegraph services were affected by a massive solar flare in 1859 while Quebec lost power in 1989 after a minor solar eruption.


Cyber Attack

Hackers have the skills to take down the internet. We’ve seen a number of them hold companies and government institutions hostage demanding Bitcoins as ransom money for them to fix whatever bug they put in their computer programs. Cyberterrorists are completely capable of breaking down the internet.


Natural Disasters

A major natural disaster such as the Big One will likely take down the internet grid. The earth is ripe for a major earthquake and experts believe this may happen during our time. Aside from preparing for an earthquake, you should also consider the repercussions of such a disaster.


What will Happen If the Internet Breaks Down

Communication Grid Fails

Nowadays, most of our communication is done through the internet or through a system that utilizes the internet. If the internet breaks down, we’ll surely face a breakdown in communication.

You can still use phones as long as the cellular network hasn’t been affected but there’s a chance it will also go down. Stock up on extra battery packs, powerbanks, and solar chargers so you can still use phones and other gadgets in case you can still use them when the internet breaks down.

Invest on communication tools that don’t depend on the internet or even on electricity such as two-way radios, CB radios, HAM radios. You’ll need as much information about what’s happening around you when the internet breaks down. A hand crank radio or one which uses battery will also come in handy.


Power Outage

Like most companies that depend on the internet to run its operations, the electrical grid may also fall if the internet breaks down. You should be ready if the world falls dark.

Invest on generators and other alternative sources of power or energy. Aside from fossil fuel, you can also make use of geothermal energy, biomass energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy. The most popular alternative, however, is solar energy.


Socio-Economic Collapse

A possible offshoot of an internet breakdown is the collapse of economy and, eventually, society. The loss of internet, electricity and other aftereffects will render companies incapable of manufacturing their products or offering their services. If this happens, the prices of the ones currently in the market will skyrocket. Simply put, if the demand is high but the supply is low, we’re going to have a huge problem.

Fill your pantry with lots of non-perishable food, water, and other supplies. Get foods that are easy to prepare. If the internet breaks down and takes the electrical grid with it, you’ll be left with no dependable method of preserving meat and produce. Make sure you arrange your food by their date of expiration so you can use up the ones that are expiring soonest.

Start your edible garden right now. Plant fruit trees, vegetables, crops and herbs in your yard or on a parcel of land you have invested on. Start raising animals for their meat and other products, as well.

Don’t forget to hoard other items that are specific to a certain need. If you have a baby, for example, you should have extra stocks of baby food and baby formula. Stock up on pet food for your animal friends.


Issues in the Medical Industry

It’s scary to think that hospitals will be affected when the internet breaks down. Most hospitals depend on the internet for their inventories. It would be difficult for them to keep track of what they need to restock without internet. Also, doctors may need to do research if their dealing with a tough case.

Most medical devices can probably still be functional. However, hospitals may have a problem with medical supplies. The immediate effect would be on the inventory and the purchasing and fulfillment of orders. Like food, production of these medical supplies may take a hit if the internet doesn’t come back soon enough.

To deal with the possible dysfunction in the medical institution, you should be able to take care of yourself. Start by getting first-aid training. You’ll also need a well-stocked fist aid kit. Not just one, in fact. You should have at least one at home, another in your car, one in each bug out bag, and another one kept in the office or a place you frequent.


Chaos Ensues

Another scary scenario arising from the loss of internet is a rise in criminality and violence. Protect your family and assets by making your home impenetrable. Fortify your home with an alarm system, install new locks, and take other precautions to keep intruders from targeting you. Check out this article to learn more on how to fortify you home.

You should be able to defend yourself when it comes to it. Learn how to handle firearms, knives and other weapons. Everyone in the family should also know martial arts and self defense tactics.


In normal days, we’d be seething in anger if there is no internet. Who wouldn’t be considering many of us depend on the internet to do our jobs, research for a school paper, order food, and other such tasks. Now imagine that it will be gone for a long time. It would definitely be a disaster.

All you can do in this situation is to survive. This would be a lot easier if you come prepared. Visit The Gentleman Pirate for more ways to prepare for emergency situations like this.

If you have some ideas on what to do when the internet breaks down, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. If you’re intrigued by the prospect of producing your own food, check out Aquaponics 4 You.


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