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Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just social wine drinker, we have unique wine glasses you’ll love. Wine has a rich and colorful history and has had a major influence on culture for thousands of years. Sensuous Greek folklore suggests the wine glass was created to replicate the bosom of Helen of Troy. Centuries have shown the wine glass to evolve over time, transcending into a unique piece of art to fit every need. You need the right tools for the right occasion, and we are here to help. When it comes to enjoying your vino, we can help you choose the best wine glasses to fit your needs.

Wine Glasses

Giant Wine Bottle Wine Glass

Stop going back for another glass and just take entire bottle with you! Perfect for the wine-loving guy or girl who just can’t get enough, this giant wine glass holds a full-sized 750ml bottle of wine! The bottom of this large wine glass is shaped like a wine bottle…but the top is molded to look like a regular wine drinking glass. Useful for red or whites, this wine bottle glass is a hilarious gift for the bachelorette or birthday girl.

Concord Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Add a contemporary twist to your wine glass collection with these modern stainless steel wine glasses. Made of durable stainless steel, these wine glasses not only add edge to your glass collection, but also keep your wine chilled much longer than other glass counterparts. Optional personalization is available with a monogram of up to 3 letters.

Pierson Monogram Engraved Wine Glass

This engraved wine glass is designed to bring romantic style to any table. Each of these stemmed glasses come personalized with two initials of your choice, framed by our beautiful Pierson Monogram scrolling artwork. Ideal for use with white wine or lighter reds, each engraved wine glass is made with a slender but sturdy stem.

Covell Portable Wine Cooler

Dinner parties are meant to be elegant, don’t let warm wine ruin your night. Inspired by sophistication, this stylish portable wine cooler will never disappoint. Constructed with vacuum insulated, double walled stainless steel, our personalized wine chiller is lightweight yet highly functional. Keeping your favorite vino cool for up to 24 hours so your days can remain long, and your nights can continue to party.

Sonoma Personalized Wine Serving Tray

The perfect conversation piece for your next wine soiree, this longboard serving tray will be the talk of the party. Crafted from sustainable all natural bamboo, it is not only durable but will add a contemporary touch to your table. Coming personalized with up to two lines of text it makes a unique gift for the wine drinker who loves to host their own tastings. With a functional design, the special cutouts allow you to insert up to four stemmed wine glasses as well as any standard sized wine bottle for an ultra-chic presentation.

Wineteen Wine Bottle Canteen with Crest

Keep your wine safe & sealed on the go with our Portable Perfection Wine Bottle Canteen. Perfect for camping, tailgating, or picnics, our stainless-steel canteen never needs a corkscrew and won’t break like an ordinary wine bottle when traveling. It holds an entire standard-sized bottle of wine – that’s 750 mL – and it has a vacuum-seal lid, so your wine travels discreetly yet stylishly. It’s also great from transferring boxed wine into a more portable container.

Diamond Monogram Red Wine Glasses

Diamonds and wine are two sophisticated indulgences, combine the two and you have the ultimate refined set of personalized red wine glasses. Coming customized with the monogram of your choice, these glasses feature diamond detailing and are crafted from premium lead free glass. Making a wonderful gift for a new homeowner, or newlyweds, these wine glasses are a great addition to any home.

Edgewater Engraved Wine Glass

Wine has and always will be a source of great happiness. Add a timeless touch to your home bar collection with this beautiful engraved wine glass. Crafted from delicate yet durable glass, each personalized glass is perfect for either your favorite red, whites, or blushes. Engraved with the two names and date of your choice it makes a gorgeous keepsake for any wine loving couple for weddings or anniversary.

Dont Ask! Measuring Wine Glass

Let’s admit it, some days you just wish people would know you’ve had a bad day without having to say a word. Well with our new Don’t Ask! Measuring wine glass, everyone will be able to tell exactly how your day was by how much wine you’re drinking! This funny wine glass has three lines; the first indicating a good day, the second goes mid wine glass and is for a bad day, and at 3/4 full you have had a no good day and don’t want anyone asking.

Port Sippers

A charming way to serve desert wines and liquors. These port sippers originally date back to the 17th-century Europe, where they were known as Schnapps Pfeiffen. They are uniquely designed so your hand warms the spirits as you sip through the stem, which flows from the bottom of the glass so there is little chance for the liquids to oxidize, enhancing the flavor of ports and liquors such as brandy or scotch.

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