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Humans are such an adaptable species that you can put them in any setting and they’ll find a way to survive. In case of the apocalypse, surely there are people who will survive whatever event it is that caused the end of the world. Of course in reality not everyone will make it out alive but those who do, they’ll need all the help they can get to survive what lies ahead. That’s where survival gadgets come in.


Personal Water Filter

Human will not survive without water. In the event of an EOTW scenario, fresh drinking water may not be readily available.  Survival gadgets like the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will help you deal with the lack of clean drinking water. LifeStraw can get rid of 99% of waterborne bacteria. Use it to drink straight from the river or a tub of rain water.


Water Bottle Filter

As genius as the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is, it may get too taxing to always get on your knees to drink from the river or lake. Fortunately, LifeStraw has water bottle versions of these indispensable survival gadgets. You can now just scoop some water using the bottle, place the lid and let it do its job.


Solar Lantern

The future of survival gadgets has little to do with electricity. In fact, anything that requires electricity would soon be just a piece of junk come the apocalypse. Survival gadgets that get their power from the sun, however, will last as long as the sun keeps shining.

Speaking of shine, the SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern is one such device that will come in pretty handy in the event that the electrical grid goes down leaving the planet in total darkness. This portable solar LED lantern can be recharged directly from the sun or through its micro USB port. It has three lighting modes, which includes a blinking mode for sending out a distress call.


Portable Stove

Gone are the days of perfectly-cooked steaks at fancy restaurants and greasy burgers from your favourite fast food joints. In the apocalypse, you’ll make do with canned beans and probably live worms if you really have it bad. Still, you must eat to keep your body healthy and fit enough to face the rigors of the apocalypse.

It may be no picnic but having survival gadgets such as a portable campstove will at least let you have something warm to put in your stomach. If you invest on this BioLite Campstove you’ll have ways to boil, grill or cook whatever you have. Plus, you get to charge your other devices since it can generate up to 3W of power.


Walkie Talkie

Communication is an important tool come the apocalypse. Of course, you can live on your own in an isolated part of the woods perhaps but if you want to truly live, you need other people. Communication devices are vital survival gadgets as they allow you to talk to other people and stay updated on whatever is happening out there.



You’ll eventually find yourself in kill-or-be-killed situation in the apocalypse. Assuming you’ll be one of the good guys, there are those who will stray from the righteous path and take advantage of the weak. You don’t have to be one of the weak ones, especially if you have gorgeous yet lethal survival gadgets such as a crossbow.

Darryl Dixon will be seething with jealousy if he saw you with this CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow. The Sniper 370, which measures 36.5 inches long and weighs 185 pounds, is the perfect weapon for hunting game and defending against threats during the apocalypse. It’s silent (noise suppressing string stops) but deadly (370 feet per second).



It pays to have a backup in case your main weapon is compromised. Aside from firearms, survival knives, and melee weapons, you can also carry a slingshot.

The specially designed slingshot pictured above comes with a streamlined hollow bow body made with stainless steel frame and a wooden handle with grooves for a better and more comfortable grip. The aiming device, meanwhile, is made of aluminium alloy. It’s also easier to use and more accurate than ever before.



Interestingly, The Walking Dead seem to have forgotten about bicycles after the first episode. In a post-apocalyptic world, cars and other vehicles run by fuel will be fewer since fuel will become a valuable resource because of the lack of it. Bicycles, however, run on human power. This means you can use it as long as you like.

The electric mountain bike makes use of electricity (obviously) so it will be useful as long as there is power. The good thing about e-bikes, however, is that you can still use it even after the power grid collapses. It’s perfect for long travels and quick supply runs.


Surviving an apocalyptic event is one thing, staying alive after all the chaos and destruction is another. Increase your chances of surviving a post-apocalyptic world by invest on different survival gadgets and gear right now. Those listed here are just a few of the things you will definitely find useful in such a scenario. If you happen to know other survival gadgets or recommend one, please go ahead and type it down the comment section. You can also know more about different survival gear when you go to The Gentleman Pirate. There are lots of interesting things you can find in here.

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