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Come weekend, a lot of people will be scrambling to find different St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies. That’s because Paddy’s Day is a great excuse to party all day and all night, and get sloshed. Below are some of the natural St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies you may want to learn now before the famous holiday comes.



Drink water, lots of ‘em. When you drink too much, you get dehydrated. The ethanol in the alcohol make you pee more, which in turn, makes you dehydrated. Thus, drinking plenty of water is the most effective St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies known to man, especially the Irish. As a matter of fact, you should squeeze in a little water in between your mugs of green beers.



A strong cup of tea will do well in nursing a St. Patrick’s Day hangover. In fact, it’s quite common to see the Irish sipping tea after the popular holiday. Tea is known for its many health benefits, which is on reason why it’s one of the well-known St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies around.



Honey is high in fructose and potassium. The former helps metabolize alcohol while the latter re-energizes your body while also helping you deal with nausea. Add a teaspoon to your tea or swallow as is.



Coffee is another popular hangover cure. Despite its diuretic effect, a strong cup of espresso remains one of the popular St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies. And it seems like science agrees. According to research, caffeine reacts with ethanol and works against hangovers, especially when taken with aspirin. However, there are still some who say coffee’s main components – caffeine, adenosine, and adrenaline – do not react with the receptors that are affected by alcohol. Despite the on-going debate, if you think a cup of Joe helps your hangover


Raw Eggs

Another one of the many ways man has tried to battle nasty hangovers is by consuming raw eggs. Eating two raw eggs in the morning and another two for lunch is supposed to be one of the more effective St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies ever. However, you should be wary of salmonella when thinking about eating raw eggs.


Tomato Juice and Raw Eggs

In the United States, alcohol lovers nurse their hangovers with a concoction of tomato juice and raw eggs. Tomatoes are filled with vitamins while raw eggs are rich in protein. Apparently, you need those two to keep that nasty post-booze feeling away. There are still some variations to these St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies. Some people add Worcestershire sauce and black pepper to give it more kick.


Pickle Juice

Drinking pickle juice may be one of the cringiest St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies on this list. Why so? Pickle juice is basically vinegar and not everyone can down a glass of vinegar with ease. But if it works, then it works.


Prawn Salad

A splendid combination of lime, tomatoes, onions, and, of course, prawns, will take the post-binge blues away. At least that’s what people in Mexico believe. Since Mexicans are known for their high tolerance to alcohol especially tequila, then they likely know what they’re saying. In any case, try a prawn salad as one of your St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies. Whether it works or not, at least you get to eat prawns.


Bacon Sandwich

You don’t need another reason to enjoy a bacon sandwich other than it is bacon, glorious bacon. However, the Brits know something else about bacon that we don’t. Bacon is apparently another one of those weirdly effective St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies. University of Newcastle researchers did what every scientific mind should have done and tested the effects of bacon to hangovers. They concluded that bacon sandwich will make you feel better after a night of downing green beer and other alcoholic drinks.


Irish Breakfast

What better way to spend the morning after St. Patrick’s Day than gorging on a full Irish breakfast? In fact, a breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs, beans, black pudding and fried tomato has consistently placed somewhere at the top of St. Patrick’s day hangover remedies lists for years now.


Toast and Crackers

After binging on alcohol, many people like to grab a bit to eat. While burgers sound great, they don’t actually do anything for your hangover. Some people also prefer not to partake on greasy food after drinking. Toast, crackers and other bland foods help increase blood sugar levels. This makes them great St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies.


Fruit Smoothie

If biting, chewing and swallowing food is too much while nursing a hangover, you may want to skip the Irish breakfast or even the toasts. A fruit smoothie would be better. You get the nutritional benefits and freshness of the fruits while only sipping on a straw. Plus, the natural sugars in the fruits help with your low blood sugar.



May of the St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedies on this list involve vitamins as one of the components. Why not skip the weird recipes and just take your vitamins, particularly B6 and B12?



Going to the sauna or steam room will always make you feel good. So it’s no wonder that it works well in nursing a hangover. It is believed that toxins are flushed out while in the sauna. Following this logic, the toxins from all those alcohol you downed will be released while you’re sweating it out.


Prevention is better than cure. If you don’t want to cure a hangover the following day, control your intake of alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day. Easier said than done, right? Just be true to yourself and enjoy the holiday. Do make sure you get home safe so you can celebrate National Hangover Day.

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