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As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us all be reminded of the atrocities done to the female of the species. Let’s look back at the hardships they endured in a world dominated by men. And then let’s all marvel at the women who stood up for themselves and fought for what were rightfully theirs. We also acknowledge each and every woman who fought and are still fighting for gender equality. Sadly, we still have a long way to go before we can truly call ourselves equals.  Women are still struggling every day to stay safe everywhere they go. Thus, there’s still a need for survival tips for young women, especially those who live alone.

Picture this.

At 2:30 a.m. on March 13, 1964, 28-year-old Catherine “Kitty” Genovese left work and was walking to her Queens apartment after parking her car nearby when she was attacked by a man with a hunting knife. She was stabbed multiple times then raped. She died later.

According to a sensationalized story, at least 38 people saw the attack or heard her scream but only one person called the authorities after Genovese was already dying. Public outcry ensued and the supposed demise of morality became what is now known as the Genovese syndrome. It was later revealed that some of the neighbors did call the police but said they thought the woman was only beaten up and that she managed to stand up and walk.

The point of this is that it’s not safe for a woman living alone to be outside in the wee hours in the morning. In fact, it’s not safe for anyone as long as there are evil, perverted minds out there. It’s particularly a scary world for young women as they are prime targets for sex offenders and the like.


Safety Tips for Young Women at the Workplace

The #MeToo Movement has opened the eyes of many to the unfavorable conditions in the workplace, especially for young women. Oftentimes, sexual harassment get pushed under the rug as the victims are silenced.

One of the best survival tips for young women in the workplace is to speak up. Learn to say no if someone asks you to do something that’s not in your job description, particularly the ones that involve lewdness.

Call someone out if they are being inappropriate. There will always be co-workers talking about women like they’re some object or what is described as locker room talk. In some cases, your male co-workers will drop hints, ouch you slyly, or make direct lewd remarks. You shouldn’t take this sitting down. Most offices have venues for employees to file complaints. Do that.


Safety Tips for Young Women At School

Sadly, sexual assault and mass shootings have become a thing in school. This just shows no one is safe wherever they are.

One of the survival tips for young women, particularly students, is to be fully aware of what sexual harassment is. Get a copy of the school’s policy on the subject or the Title IX grievance policy and read it thoroughly.

If you feel you are being harassed, tell that someone to stop. You may find the words and actions of other people uncomfortable. This is enough reason for you to speak out and inform that person or persons. Some people are just ignorant or unaware that what they say or do is offensive. If this behavior continues, tell your teacher. If the offender happens to be your teacher, tell someone else, especially your parents or any adult you trust.

Write it down. If saying “no” is not enough, write a letter to tell them what you really feel. Make another copy of your letter. You should also write down the things that made you uncomfortable. Take note of the time and date the harassment happened and the names of those involved including witnesses. Write down how the harassment made you feel and the actions you took after the incident.

Report the harassment to a school official. The guidance counselor is a good place to start. If no action is taken by the school, you can report to the superintendent or the school board. You next options should be to file a complaint with a government agency and to file a lawsuit against those involved, including the school for their inaction.


Safety Tips for Young Women At A Party

How many times have you heard news or seen photos or circulating online of drunk women being harassed or molested by other party-goers? Sadly, too many times.

There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun, especially when you’re young. But you still have to look after yourself and your friends as there are predators everywhere. There are tons of survival tips for young women that they should take to heart whenever they go somewhere there is alcohol involved.

If you’re going in a group, make a pact that you would watch out for each other. Never let one of you go to the loo or outside alone or with a stranger. Always go in pairs or as a group. Also, tell a friend to warn you if you have a little too much to drink. Set a limit and stick to it.

Be wary of your drink always. Don’t let t out of your sight since someone can easily drop some pill in your glass. Also, don’t accept drinks and especially drugs from strangers.

Always keep something in your bag that you can use for self defense. You’d probably be prevented from entering the bar if you have a knife on you. Go with something less lethal like a pepper spray. Another option is to have a bottle of perfume you can use to temporarily blind an attacker.

Other things you should keep in your bag include a flashlight, especially the tactical kind, an emergency whistle, a signal mirror, a tactical pen, and other survival gear.


Safety Tips for Young Women Going Home

Walking Home

If a car stops beside you and the driver asks you to get in while pointing a gun at you, don’t get in. The attacker wants you alive so he can do bad things to you wherever he plans to take you. Don’t freeze. Run away screaming. He will likely just speed off.


Walking to Your Car

Sexual assault seems to happen a lot to young women going home at night. You should always be wary of your surroundings. Don’t park in a dark area. Always choose a space near the entrance or near a busy place.

When you’re walking to your car, survey the place first. If you see someone loitering or just standing and looking creepy, go back and ask someone to accompany you. Always prepare your keys before you start walking to your car. Hold your car key in a way that you can readily open the door. You should also have a flashlight ready in case you have to walk through dark back to your car.


When in Your Car

When you’re driving, never stop if someone tries to flag you. Some perpetrators will point to something indicating you need to stop and check it out. Once you do, they’ll pounce on you. Never stop in a secluded area. Stop to check only when you reach a gas station or a busy place.

Keep your car door locked, especially once you get inside. Some attackers take advantage of traffic stops to open your door and jump in or grab your bag before running away.

Some attackers like to take advantage of women whose car broke down. Always keep an emergency kit in your car. You should also learn the basics of fixing your car, especially changing a flat tire. Once your car breaks down, call someone immediately and tell them where you are. If you can’t do much, just stay in your car, lock the doors and wait to be rescued.


Safety Tips for Young Women At Home

Lock Up

Keep the doors locked at all times. When you come leave the house, make sure the doors are locked. When you come home, close and lock the doors behind you. Home invasion is a pretty serious thing and it happens a lot. Check the locks you currently have. There may be a need to install new and high quality ones. The door frame is also vulnerable if not done properly. If you’re not sure how durable your door frame is, just go ahead and drill the frame to the wall using screws that are at least three inches long.


Fortify the Windows

Aside from the front and back doors, home invaders love the windows. Many intruders succeed in entering a house through an open window. If possible, keep them closed at all times. You can also use a special film that makes window panes not easily breakable.


Keep a Weapon

Once an intruder is in your home, you very few options left. You can hide and hope they don’t find you. You can call 911 or your neighbor and hope they come in time to help you. Another option is to fight. You should take up self defense training and martial arts. This will serve you well anytime some tries to attack you. When ti comes to home invasion, the perpetrators may be carrying guns or other weapons. You need to have of your own. Invest on a firearm and learn how to use it properly.


There are a number of safety tips for young women that you should be aware of. If you happen to know some that haven’t been discussed here yet, please feel free to share them in the comment section. Your comment may someday save a life of a young woman. Visit The Gentleman Pirate, as well, to learn more survival skills and safety tips.

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