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A lot of people will be heading to California come April to experience one of the most popular and much anticipated outdoor musical festivals around. Coachella is indeed something you could put in your bucket list. But before you fulfil your dream, you need to consider this outdoor music festival survival guide so you don’t have to worry about a thing and just enjoy yourself at Coachella.


Leave Early

People will be flocking to Coachella. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic along with other outdoor music festival goers who decided to take their time. Leave your hotel early in the morning to avoid the traffic and to have more time to enjoy he venue before people start coming.

You can also camp at the venue. This way you save up on hotel money and cab fare while also avoiding the traffic, particularly around the Polo Fields.


Pack Some Snacks

Eat well before you go to the venue.  This will keep your tummy from rumbling just when your favorite act gets on stage. Coachella is a whole day and night affair so you need sustenance other than what you had beforehand.

Pack a few energy bars, which you can munch on to get rid of those little hunger pans. Just get a heftier meal when you find the time.


Drink Up

Chances are the sun will be up all day. That and the fact that you’ll be moving around a lot means you’ll be losing so much water through your sweat glands. It also means you’ll be pretty dehydrated if you don’t do what’s needed. And what you need is to drink plenty of water all throughout the day.

There are a number of vendors at Coachella but you probably don’t want to waste your time falling in line. Bring a bottle of water so you can hydrate anytime you want, anywhere you are. In case you finish your bottle, you can always fill ‘er up at water refilling stations around the area. Some tents, particularly TRASHed, give away fresh water in exchange for empty bottles so you better keep an eye out for those lying around. This way, you get to drink free water and help the environment at the same time.


Control Your Alcohol Intake

It’s quite difficult to enjoy all the music acts if you’re passed out. Don’t get wasted early in the day. There are tons of stuff you can do which doesn’t involve drinking beer and getting smashed. Control your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water. In fact, don’t drink during the day. The heat and alcohol don’t really go well together. Save your beer money for the night when the weather gets more conducive to drinking.


Don’t Do Drugs

In 2018, marijuana was banned from Coachella even if it is legal for recreational use in California. It’s dejavu for this year to the dismay of weed lovers who will be trekking to the state for a few days of fun and music.

However, there is a chance that drugs will find their way to Coachella. You don’t want to get into any trouble and risk missing out on your favorite bands. If someone approaches you and offers weed or other drugs, just say no and walk away.

If you’re taking medications, pack them properly. Leave them in their original bottle and get your prescription ready.


Protect Your Body from the Sun

As the great Baz Luhrmann once said, everybody’s free to wear sunscreen.  You should. Put some sunscreen on your face and all over the exposed parts of your body just before you head out to enjoy the music. Use SPF 50 sunscreen. You may need to re-apply later in the day so keep it in your belongings.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat as additional protection from the sun. If that doesn’t suit your wardrobe, try a bandana instead. A good pair of anti-UV sunglasses is a must-have at Coachella and other outdoor music festivals.


Wear Comfortable Attire

Ideally, you should wear something long to protect your skin from the sun. Most Coachella goers will probably not do that. Your next option is to go in something comfortable.

Wear comfortable shoes, as well. High heeled shoes are definite no-no’s at an outdoor music festival. You can trip easy and you’ll be standing most of the time so you need something that’s comfortable. If you’re planning to walk from stage to stage, which you definitely will, you need a good pair of shoes.

It gets cold at night in the desert. Pack something that will warm your feet. A jacket or poncho will also keep you warm at night. If you don’t want to wear them early on, rent a locker and keep all your stuff in there. Store a change of clothes in there, too.


Bring a Blanket

You can’t stay on your feet for 13 hours or so. Bring a blanket or even a folding chair so you can relax your feet every now and then. You can even dose of for a bit on your blanket.


Find Other Ways to Entertain Yourselves

When no one is playing on the stage, people will get restless. Those who’ve been to Coachella before knows that the downtime between sets gets really dragging. Use this time to relieve yourself, fall in line to stock up on food and water, and to entertain yourselves in other ways.

You can pack a board game, playing cards, or even a portable speaker. The latter will help keep the move going even if there’s no live music at the moment. Just make sure you have a good playlist that everyone will enjoy.


Coachella and other such outdoor music festivals can awaken different emotions in you. Pack some protection in case you get lucky. You’ll need breath mints, as well, if you’re planning to talk to people with the intent of getting real close.

What to Bring to A Camping Music Festival Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash

These are just a few tips you can find in any outdoor music festival survival guide. Feel free to add more survival tips so everyone can fully enjoy this year’s Coachella. For more tips on surviving such festivities, visit The Gentleman Pirate.


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