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Before you head out to celebrate one of the most iconic and craziest holidays in the world, sit back and absorb everything you need to learn about how to survive St. Patrick’s Day. As everyone knows, St. Paddy’s Day is the day that everyone has the licence to drink as much beer and alcohol as they can.


Stay Sober the Night Before

Preparation is key. This is what preppers have been practicing and teaching others for so long now. For you to be fully prepared to survive St. Patrick’s Day, you should get a good night’s sleep. If you have to drink the night prior to the big day, at least limit your consumption. Better yet, don’t drink at all and get enough rest so you have enough party in you come St. Patrick’s Day.


Set the Alarm

The drinks start flowing around 9 in the morning. If you don’t want to miss anything, get some sleep the night before and wake up early come St. Patrick’s Day morning.


Have A Hearty Breakfast

It’s quite difficult to start your drinking binge with nothing in your stomach. Prepare a hearty breakfast to provide you with energy to help you survive St. Patrick’s Day. Have something heavy and scrumptious such as the famed full Irish breakfast to start your day.


Go Green

This one is pretty obvious. Don’t be a killjoy by wearing red or any other contrasting color. You don’t have t dress green from head to toe but that would be great. If you don’t have enough green clothes, you can simply add some green accessories to your attire. Go for a green hat and a green scarf, especially if it’s a bit cold outside.

You may want to take your St. Patrick’s Day ensemble to a whole new level by putting on a costume. Skip out on wearing your Green lantern costume, though. A leprechaun costume or a green suit and tie with four-leaf clover prints would look great on you.


Pack Some Survival Necessities

Bottled Water

You need plenty of water for you to survive St. Patrick’s Day. Period. More on this later. For now, you need to pack your own bottle of water so you can take a sip anytime you need one. A glass bottle may be a tad too heavy considering you’ll be lugging mugs and beer bottles for the duration of the day. You can take a hydration bladder and place it on your bag. This way you can simply take a sip through its special straw before you down another bottle of green beer.


Energy-Giving Snacks

A St. Patrick’s Day celebration lasts for the whole day and well into the night. If you can last for 18 hours at least, then you’re a legend on your own right. But to do so, you’ll need help. Aside from regularly hydrating in between mugs of green beer and other Irish drinks, you also need some sustenance.

Pack some granola bars and other energy-giving snacks. Of course, you should partake on some of the delicious Irish dishes and specialties being offered everywhere. But in case you forget to have your meal, simply munch on your snacks to keep you going and help you survive St. Patrick’s Day.



You don’t have to wear a jacket (a green one, of course). Simply put it in your bag and whip it out whenever you need it.


Phone Charger/Power Bank

With the crown growing and growing by the minute, things will soon be like Woodstock all over again. That’s not a bad thing, of course. However, you should be always ready. Charge your phone before you leave the house. Make sure you have a charger or power bank in case your phone runs out of juice. This is important. You’ll need your phone to contact someone if you need help or to tell someone back home you’re going someplace else. If you come to the celebrations with a friend or group of fellow revelers, you’ll also need your phone in case you o any one of your group gets separated. Despite the chaos, you still have to watch out for each other.


Tactical Flashlight

It will be dark before you decide you’ve had enough Irish beer that’ll last you the rest of the year. When it’s time to go home, make sure you pass through the safest places possible. Avoid dark alleys. Most people will probably be dead drunk but there’s always the possibility of someone just lurking around waiting for someone to assault or rob. A flashlight, especially a tactical one, will help you get home.


Drink Plenty of Water

I know what you’re thinking. Why waste so much precious space in your tummy by drinking water instead of green beer? The short answer is because that’s the right thing to do. The long answer is that you need to drink water to avoid dehydration. Also, you’ll have an even worse hangover if you’re dehydrated. Remember, beer is a diuretic, which means you pee a lot. To survive St. Patrick’s Day, you need to take in water to replace those you lose.


Have Fun But Pace Yourself

You want to have the best time of your life but you should also take it easy. Drink leisurely. You have lots of time to get sloshed. If you drink too much too soon, you’ll end up passed out earlier than everyone else. Where’s the fun in that? Pace yourself.


Take these tips to survive St. Patrick’s Day to heart as you head on to the party of the year. And when everything’s said and done, check out the post on The Gentleman Pirate about the different ways to cure a nasty St. Patrick’s Day hangover.

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