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One thing that’s great about homesteaders is they make do with what they have. Give them a few tools and the right materials and they’ll build you a castle. But they don’t have to bear with the lack of the proper tools. Since Father’s Day is fast approaching, you may want to give your dad any of the homesteading tools that anyone would love to own.

If the family is just starting with life outside the busy city, a set of new homesteading tools would definitely be a great start to your adventure. Take a look at some of the most popular homesteading tools you can give your dad or husband on Father’s Day.



No homestead dad should be without his own axe. It’s one of the most important homesteading tools around for a variety of reasons.

Use it to cut down trees and chop them into smaller pieces for building cabins, creating furniture, and making firewood. Firefighters carry axes on their job as it is a useful tool in tearing down burning structures in their attempts to rescue people and pets. The flat back part of the axe, meanwhile, can be used to rive nails or stakes just like hammer.

An axe is also an able weapon. Did you think it was an accident that Thor’s new hammer, Stormbreaker, was an axe? Of course not. It’s a great weapon to have in close quarter combat and you can even learn to throw it at certain distances. You can argue that the God of Thunder is the ultimate homesteader since he fancies homesteading tools such as his trusty hammer and axe. Plus his beard and man bod is the perfect look.



Most repairs around the homestead require a bit of hammering. Among all homesteading tools, the best one for the job is the hammer, of course. There are different kinds of hammers. But for basic home repairs and builds, the classic claw hammer will suffice.

If your father is a woodworker, carpenter or handyman by trade, he could use a new set of hammers. Some of the other types of hammers include ball pein, cross and straight pein, club hammer, sledge hammer, and joiner’s mallet. Each kind of hammer is used for specific tasks but while a claw hammer “will do,” it is still best to use the correct tool for the task at hand.



Some hardcore off-gridders are content with an axe to do tasks that you would normally use a saw for. While this is impressive, you may want to give your father or husband different kinds f saws for father’s Day. These homesteading tools make cutting wood and other materials a lot faster.



If you need to cut wood faster, cleaner and more precise, sawmills and other power saws will do you a lot of good. You may have to splurge a bit for these kinds of homesteading tools but their many advantages make them worthwhile purchases.



Drills are perhaps the most important of all homesteading tools next to hammers, saws and axes. The old school hand drill does the job but takes a little more effort. A wireless drill, meanwhile, finishes the tsk faster and with less elbow grease. However, it’s useless without electricity. It’s wise to have a spare battery so you can work continuously until your dad is done for the day.

If you’re getting your old man a wireless drill for Father’s Day, make sure you include an extra battery. If he already has a set, you can surprise him with a hand drill instead. Just tell him it’s for when the electric grid falls and the end of civilization is imminent.



A box set of pliers for Father’s Day? Your dad will be beaming with joy. These homesteading tools are must-haves in any home whether you’re in the city or not. Pliers are useful in tons of tasks including cutting, bending, holding, twisting, wire-wrangling, and tooth-pulling.



A knife is the perfect companion when you’re stranded on an island, lost in the jungle or other survival situations. A good survival knife or pocket knife will go a long way in helping you with different tasks in order to survive. Use it to cut, slice or stab anything that need to be cut, sliced or stabbed.



Barrels are used in making alcoholic beverages such as wines and whiskey. While it would knock the socks off your dad if you give him a barrel full of beer, it would be quite difficult to get one. Instead, get him these homesteading tools (technically, it’s not a tool) which he can use to collect and contain water.



Some of you may forget how important nails are in any home. They’re particularly useful in building and woodworking, and house repairs. Give the dads in your life a set of different-sized nails for Father’s Day so you can finally say something punny like, “Nailed it!”


Staple Gun

A staple gun is a fast and easy way to keep things together. Use it to attach and stretch fabric and carpets, install plywood and drywall, and even keep wound closed.


Tape Ruler

In building houses and tables, you need your measurement to be precise. You don’t want to end up with a table with one leg shorter than the others, right? Get your old man a new tape ruler and attach a note saying, “you rule!”


Safety Gear

You always want your old man to be safe while at work. Whether he’s building your house, fixing the drain, repairing electrical wires, or working in the garden, he should have the proper protective gear. Get him a sturdy pair of gloves, safety goggles, a good pair of boots, and other such homesteading tools.


Pipe Wrench

Speaking of pipe repairs, your dad will need a set of pipe wrenches to keep the water system in your homestead in tiptop shape. Water is a valuable commodity and having the homesteading tools that will help your group of family and friends.


Wagon or Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are homesteading tools with wheels that are must-haves in every off-grid home. It will come in pretty handy in transporting dirt and debris from the garden, carrying compost, hauling hay and other animal feeds. Basically, any wheeled piece of equipment like wagons and wheelbarrows are used for moving and transporting. You can also let the young ones play with them as long as they are clean.



You may be surprised to see buckets in this list of must-have homesteading tools. The fact is, you’re doing a lot of carrying and moving in the homestead. A bucket or pail is not only for collecting and transporting water, it can also be used for other things such as fruits and other harvests, food for the animals, and debris you want gone.


Garden Hose

While buckets are useful in gathering and transporting water, it’s also back-breaking. You also waste a lot of water because of all the spilling.

A garden hose is a great Father’s Day gift if you see your pops struggling with buckets. Plus, watering the plants or cleaning the tractor is a lot faster with the help of a hose.



When you tell your dad you got him a weeder for Father’s Day, his mind will probably wander to his college days when he smoked a lot of, you know. Nowadays, he’s too preoccupied keeping the homestead in tiptop shape and that includes keeping the weeds off his garden.


There are lots of homesteading tools you can choose from as your Father’s Day gift. To make things even more interesting, don’t just purchase one. Surprise the old man with a variety of homesteading tools. Of course, he will be a lot happier if you stop playing Fortnite and join him in using all his homesteading tools.

Top Woodworking Tools You Should Own – Photo by nuoil830/Bigstock

The list of homesteading tools shown here is pretty short. Please share with everyone else what particular homesteading tools you have in your arsenal that you think should be in everybody else’s tool shed. Check out The Gentleman Pirate as well for more posts on homesteading tools and the homestead, in general.

Essential Tools for Your Survival Garden

Essential Tools for Your Survival Garden – Photo by www.BillionPhotos.com/Bigstock

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