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Many of you are probably at a quandary right now thinking of what to give your loved ones for Hanukkah. Perhaps your search for articles or lists on Hanukkah gift ideas led you here. But before we help you find the perfect gift for your family and friends, you must first understand what Hanukkah is.

Lots of people have taken to celebrating Hanukkah even if they are not Jewish. It’s basically the same with some non-Christians who celebrate Christmas. The two holidays are actually different, for those who are not aware. However, they are both held in December and are known for the gifts given away.

Some may argue that you can’t celebrate a holiday if you’re not a believer of whatever god or deity or event it celebrates. In other words, you‘re not supposed to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. There’s been a lot of debate on the matter but for now, let’s focus on the gift-giving part.

In Jewish tradition, giving gifts of gelt or money has been the custom for ages. The purpose of these gifts is to provide children with an incentive to learn Torah (God’s teachings) and to know the value of helping the less fortunate. For Christians, the presents symbolize the gifts given by the three wise men to a baby Jesus. Whatever occasion it is, you must never forget their true meaning as you go do your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide on a gift for your loved ones in celebration of the Jewish tradition, look no further than this list of interesting Hanukkah gift ideas.


Food and Drinks

Hanukkah shouldn’t be about fancy and extravagant presents. Of course, no one is stopping you from giving out smartphones or smart speakers but there are simple more meaningful Hanukkah gift ideas you can consider. Food and drinks, for example.

If you’ve been invited to a Hanukkah celebration, you can never go wrong with bringing food as you present. Cake, for example, is well-loved by practically everyone. CoffeeCakes.com is offering a gift combo, which includes its best-selling Traditional Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake and a Boulder Blues Loose Green Tea. You even have the option to include a personalized greeting card for free.

The Stroopwafel is another best-seller from CoffeeCakes.com. It may have originated from Gouda in the Netherlands but everyone, not only the Dutch, will surely love this delectable treat. These syrup waffles are stuffed with a layer of cinnamon-caramel syrup, which tastes even better when warmed over a hot cup of coffee.

Wine plays a part in most Jewish holidays. That and many people just loves sipping a glass of fine wine. Bringing a bottle of wine to a party is considered the norm and it shouldn’t be any different with Hanukkah.

The particular wine gift basket from Wine of the Month Club pictured above is a merlot. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can choose another one from their wide selection. The Treasure Vintages gift basket comes with its own treasure chest, making it one of the more impressive Hanukkah gift ideas in this list.


Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Children

Maccabee in the Mantel Hanukkah Gift Set

The Maccabee on the Mantel Hanukkah Gift Set is the perfect present for young children just starting to know about the Jewish way of life. It comes with a 9” plush toy of a Maccabee warrior, a 3” wooden dreidel (a spinning top often played during Hanukkah), a game board, and a storybook that tells the story of the Jewish holiday.


Mensch on a Bench Ask Bubbe Talking Grandma Doll

Mensch on a Bench is collection of plush toys and Hanukkah-themed books. The word Mensch traces its roots to the German language and is used to mean a noble person who is to be admired. The Jewish grandma doll can say 12 different answers to your questions. So if you’re looking for advice on something, ask away and the plush doll will answer “like a real Jewish grandmother.”

The book tells the story of Hanukkah while a “recipe” for Matzo Ball Soup is printed at the back of the box. You also get a pack of 12 Dreidels with every purchase of the Mensch on a Bench Ask Bubbe Talking Jewish grandmother Doll.


Mensch on a Bench Hannah the Hanukkah Hero

Here’s something little girls and boys alike will definitely love. Hannah the Hanukkah Hero encourages its owner to “unleash your inner Hanukkah hero.”

The hardcover book that accompanies the plush doll tells the story of Hannah Maccabee, a young Jewish girl who proved that even she can do good things thanks to her courage, kind heart, and smarts. Three qualities you definitely want young children to learn early one. That alone makes this one of the better Hanukkah gift ideas around.


The Mensch on a Bench Hanukkah Decor with Hardcover Book

If you’re looking for a Mensch on a Bench doll to give as a present, perhaps you should consider an actual Mensch plush doll, which happens to be sitting on a bench. Aside from the 8” doll, the gift set comes with a removable bench and a hardcover story book.

The book tells the story of Moshe and how he came to be known as the Mensch on the Bench. It also teaches its readers the eight rules of having a Mensch.


Other Hanukkah-Inspired Gift Items

Matching Hanukkah Outfits

If you’re with someone Jewish, you don’t have to worry too much thanks to Hanukkah gift ideas such as this – Hanukkah-inspired couple outfits. Yes, it may be cheesy but don’t you find it cute that you’ll be wearing matching ugly Hanukkah sweaters?


Hanukkah Sweater

The Funny Unicorn Hanukkah Sweater, for example, comes in men’s and women’s sizes so you can definitely rock that twinning trend. This Tipsy Elves sweater is made of 100% acrylic, which makes it pretty soft and comfortable to the skin. It’s also made of high quality construction.


Hanukkah Shirt

In case you’re not a fan of matching sweaters, one of you can wear something like this Hanukkah-inspired long-sleeved shirt from Faux Real. The shirt is made of 100% polyester and uses a photo-realistic design.


Matching Hanukkah Socks

Some of you may not want the attention such loud ugly sweaters and shirts bring. You can wear matching Hanukkah novelty socks instead.

Everything Legwear has a wide selection of novelty socks. The pair of Hanukkah-inspired socks in the photo is just two of their designs. They are made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex.



If you’re looking for something more serious and romantic to give your loved one, this Star of David necklace from Efy Tal Jewelry may just fit the bill. It comes with a couple of pendants and a birth month charm. One pendant sports the Star of David while the other has your name in Hebrew initial.

The Gentleman Pirate gives you more tips on how to pick the perfect gift for your loved ones on different occasions. Watch out for more lists as Christmas fast approaches. In the meantime, you could get more ideas from the post below.

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