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It’s Men’s Health Week and it’s the perfect time to check on your dadbod-rocking significant other. But don’t just pester him with questions about his health. Stop asking him if he’s been working out or eating well. One effective way of getting him to shift to a healthier lifestyle is to get him something nice to celebrate Men’s Health Week.


Jogging or Running

A new pair of running shoes would definitely inspire anyone to take up jogging or running or in the case of many men who let themselves go – walking. Buy a pair for both of you so you can go running or walking together. Not only are you staying active together with regular walks or jogs, you also get to spend some quality time together, which is good for any kind of relationship.



Another physical activity you can do together during Men’s Health Week is hiking or backpacking. This could excite and entice your husband or boyfriend even more since the equipment is pretty nice.

Start with the right hiking backpack. Get him a backpack that fits perfectly on his body. It’s important to be comfortable during your hike and the fit and weight of the backpack are two of the main factors to consider.

You also need to consider what kind of hiking trip you’ll be doing. If it’s just a day hike, you can do with a smaller pack. Some experienced hikers just bring a hydration pack with them. It’s a small backpack that is designed to carry a water bladder, which is a pouch containing water for you to drink while on the go. The hydration pack coms with space for your other stuff such as energy bars, your phone, and other important stuff you’ll need.

Having a hiking backpack is not enough to call yourself a hiker. You also need some basic hiking gear such as the appropriate clothing, hiking shoes, and sun protection including sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. In your pack, you should have food, water and some survival gear in case things get rough. These include cold weather clothes, compass, maps, GPS tracker, emergency whistle, signal mirror, multi-tool, Mylar blanket, LED flashlight, fire starters, and first aid kit, among other things.



As people get older, the body gets more brittle. One of the common complaints of men is their achy knees and feet. If that’s the case with your man, he can’t really go jogging in a new pair of running shoes. You can convince him to take up something less daunting for his feet like biking.

If his knees are fine, then biking is a good form of exercise. For those with knee issues, they can still take up biking but they need to ask a doctor first just to check if his joints are up to the task. This should be standard practice for anyone who wants to take up a physical activity after years of lying dormant. Once he gets the go signal, he’ll need to find a bike fitter. A good bike fit is necessary to prevent knee pain.

A bike ride to observe Men’s Health Week seems like a good idea. You can go with your man on your own bike or convince him to ride with his friends. A day of biking with his close friends will also be great for his mental health.



Swimming is another great activity for Men’s Health Week. It’s getting pretty hot nowadays with the summer season officially starting in a few days so a dip in the pool is definitely a welcome respite. But don’t just spend the entire day wading in the water. Go do some laps with your significant other. Make it fun by betting on who’s going to reach the other end of the pool first or who’ll complete ten laps first. You can also do some simple stretching and aerobic exercises while in the water. Use your pool day as an excuse to get some water workouts in.



The guys up north very recently was crowned the new kings of the court while the reigning champs, well, they failed to live and fight another day. Unless you’re a fangirling rapper massaging the Raptors’ coach and annoying pretty much everybody else, it doesn’t really matter who won the NBA’s most coveted Larry O’Brien trophy. What’s more important is for you to use the current basketball fixation to inspire your man to stay physically healthy, especially since we’re observing Men’s Health Week right now.

Any basketball fan would be delighted to receive authentic NBA merchandise. Get him one with the promise that he’ll wear at while playing and not when he’s just sitting on the couch and guzzling beer while watching the latest game.

You can also get him a nice pair of basketball shoes or some other basketball apparel he can rock while shooting hoops. If he can’t find the time to hit the playground, get him his own ball and basketball hoop. This way, he can practice his shot anytime and you can even play one-on-one with him whenever you feel like it. You both get to sweat it out while having a great bonding moment. It’s a win-win situation.


Yoga and Meditation

Men’s Health Week is not just about physical health. Physical and mental health should always go together. You can’t simply be physically fit while your mental health is taking a beating. If you feel like your man is suffering from a mental health issue, be courageous and open enough to talk to him. If there’s a need to see a doctor, go ahead and support him all the way.

If he’s just filling a little down because of all the stress at work and the bills to pay, maybe you could get him into yoga and meditation. Both practices dwell on the health of the mind and body. Some guys would balk at the thought of doing yoga but if the likes of DJ Goldie, Adam Levine, David Beckham, Woody Harrelson, and Robert Downey Jr. are into it, then so should you.


Be straightforward and tell your guy that since it’s Men’s Health Week, he should start thinking about his health and doing what needs to be done to stay fit. There are tons of other ways you can get your guy to start exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, in general.

Get him to take up a sport such as tennis, soccer, and baseball. Other competitive activities he can take part in are martial arts training, skateboarding, ultimate frisbee, flag football, and underwater hockey. He can also simply walk instead of driving.

Healthy Meals to Make for Women’s Health Week – Photo by VadimGuzhva/Bigstock

One way to convince or inspire him is to gift him with some brand new gear such as the ones in this Men’s Health list of Father’s Day gifts. Perhaps the most important factor that’ll motivate him to become healthy is you. The best way to inspire people to be a better version of themselves is to ride the journey alongside them. Check out The Gentleman Pirate for more tips on being fit and healthy.

Prepper Fitness: How to Stay Fit in Case SHTF – Photo by JacobLund/Bigstock

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