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You don’t need an occasion to give your loved ones a gift. But if you really want to buy someone a present and looking for some excuse, then you’re in luck because May 5 is fast approaching. Consider these Cinco De Mayo gifts if you’re really feeling pretty generous.

For starters, you need to know why people are celebrating Cinco De Mayo. This will give you a better feel for the holiday, especially if you were invited to a Cinco De Mayo party. You’ll also have a better idea on what Cinco De Mayo gifts you could bring to the fiesta.

Cinco De Mayo is a holiday that celebrates Mexican culture and heritage holiday and held every 5th of May, obviously. It all started in 1682 after 2,000 Mexicans defeated the 6,000-strong French army in what is now known as the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.

Cinco De Mayo is not that popular a holiday in Mexico but in the United States, it has taken a life of its own. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the country regarded May 5 as a day of celebration. It is now known for colorful parades and festivals, lively music, and, of course, Mexican food and beer.

With all that in mind, below are some of the best Cinco De Mayo gift ideas you should consider.


Mexican Food

When it comes to food, burritos and quesadillas are hands down two of the most popular Mexican dishes around. Burrito and quesadilla makers are therefore the perfect Cinco De Mayo gifts for the people who just can’t end their day without having Mexican food.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker is the perfect quick fix for your burrito craving. Whip out your favorite Mexican dish in just five minutes. All you need is to place all your ingredients, set the timer, and wait for a bit. Best of all, you can put whatever you want such as fresh vegetables and pre-cooked meats. That’s not all. You can also make other meals like pancakes, crepes, and pizzas. For an easy yet tasty burrito recipe, click here.

Boxing legend George Forman has ventured to the business of food making since his retirement and the electric quesadilla maker is just one of many products with his name on it. This particular kitchen device can make 10-inch quesadillas that are deliciously gooey. Fear not. The cooking surface is non-stick so you don’t have to do any thorough cleaning very time out. You can easily wipe off the gooeyness left on the pan. Check out this easy Foreman quesadilla recipe here.



No Cinco De Mayo feast is complete without the famed Mexican beer. Make sure you get to enjoy a cold Corona, Dos Equis and Tecate anywhere you go with your very own growler. Of course, growlers make great Cinco De Mayo gifts. The Stanley grower pictured above, for example, will surely be appreciated by every beer lover. It is made of stainless steel, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.

Dogfish Head not so long ago released the End of the Wort beer, which is specially formulated for preppers and survivalists. It is described as a “nutrient-rich survival” beer since it contains lots of nutrients necessary in an EOTW scenario. Imagine being able to enjoy beer while still getting the vitamins, minerals and amino acids to stay healthy during the apocalypse.

While you should stock up on this so-called survival beer and other alcoholic drinks, you should also learn how to brew your own beer. Learn how here. Once you have your own small-time brewery, you can give bottles of beer as Cinco De Mayo gifts to your friends and loved ones.


Mixed Drinks

Give your friend the gift of impressing people by making their own mixed drinks. The Barillio Bartender Kit is one of the perfect Cinco De Mayo gifts for those who love to entertain guests and serve margaritas and such as. Each Barillio cocktail shaker set includes comes with the most important accessories you need to whip out a mean drink. This includes a Cobbler shaker, liquor pourers, double-jigger, mojito muddler, and a mixing spoon.

This bartender set from Cresimo is another one of the possible Cinco De Mayo gifts you should consider giving away. Like the Barillio, it comes complete with the essentials such as a 24-ounce shaker with built-in strainer, a jigger tool, a bar spoon with a twisted design, and a guide for making different cocktails.



Racism aside, it’s a nice idea to have a wide-brimmed hat such as a sombrero. Not only do you complete your Mexican outfit, your sombrero will also protect you from the heat. Wear this straw hat while working on your homestead, particularly on your garden. Bring it to the beach and protect your skin from sunburn and cancer.



A blanket is an important piece of your survival gear and should be in everyone’s bug out bag. Ideally, you should have a wool blanket and at least one Mylar blanket in your emergency kit. But since we’re talking Cinco De Mayo gifts, you could include a fashionable Mexican blanket among your belongings and as a present to family and friends.

A Mexican blanket not only provides warmth and a bit of protection from direct sunlight, it also keeps you comfortable. Use it as a beach towel or place it inside so our tent to keep you away from the cold ground. You can also use it as a yoga mat.


When it comes to Cinco De Mayo gifts, it doesn’t really matter how cheap or how expensive your present is. The fact that you thought of giving a gift should be enough. Of course, taking the time to think of possible Cinco De Mayo gifts that best suits the receiver makes it even more special. In any case, you can choose from the items listed above. If you happen to know of other interesting Cinco De Mayo gifts, please share them with us. Visit The Gentleman Pirate, as well, for more gift guides along with prepping and homesteading tips and tricks.

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