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Most people think of Christmas and front door decorations when they hear about fall wreaths. However, wreaths have a rich tradition that dates back to the tie of the ancient Greeks and Romans or even before the time of Christ, depending on what school of thought you believe.

Fall wreaths supposedly originated in ancient Greece and Rome, according to one theory. People would make rings out of fresh leaves, twigs, flowers, and fruits. Back in the day, the Greco-Roman society used wreaths to crown the winners of the Olympic Games. They were also worn to signify one’s rank and status in society. Wreaths also represented people’s achievements and occupation. They tradition of using wreaths at funerals also apparently started with the Ancient Greeks.

According to Christian belief, however, wreaths were already a thing around a thousand years before Christ was born. Back then, wreaths were symbolic of one’s perseverance and strength in the face of winter and the difficulty it brought. Nowadays, Advent wreaths represent the four weeks leading to the coming of Christ, or in simpler terms, Christmas.

It’s fairly easy to make your own wreath though you can also purchase them in stores and online. Now that you know a little bit more about them, below are some fall wreaths that you would want to be hanging on your front door in time for Advent and Christmas.

Burlap Wreath

You’ll need a wreath frame, 6-inch wide burlap ribbon and some wire. First, fold the burlap ribbon into quarters then tie the end of to one of the inner rings of the wire frame. Push the burlap through the innermost section making a loop or “bubble.” Twist the loop so it would turn sideways and help cover the frame. Repeat the previous steps within the center and outer rings. Bunch up the three creases then twist the burlap before doing more loops. Do these until you reach the end.

Once the ring is completely covered with the burlap. Fold the end of the ribbon and secure or tie it securely with a piece of wire. You can also use superglue. You can now add accents such as dried leaves, flowers and ribbons to make a fall wreath.

Check here for a more complete burlap wreath tutorial.

Candy Corn Wreath

The colors will play a major for your fall wreaths. For this DIY wreath, you’ll need half a yard each of muslin and three canvass fabrics in fall colors such as yellow, orange, and pink. You can use different shades. Start off by cutting the muslin into 4-inch wide strips. Wrap it around a foam wreath form. Once you wrapped the foam completely, secure the end of the muslin with straight pins.

Cut the canvas fabrics into squares measuring 4 by 4 inches. Fold one square in half two times. This will leave you with a smaller square roughly 1 x 1 inch. Pin the folded corner into the foam with a straight pin. Repeat these steps with the other squares of the same color (If you started with the orange canvas, do so until you’re done with all the orange squares).

For the second color, pin the squares starting on both ends of the first color. Make sure you fill the sides equally. Finish your fall wreath by pinning the last colored fabric on the remaining space on your foam wreath form.

Get the detailed instructions and photos of your candy corn fall wreaths here.

Dollar Store Fall Wreath

Fall wreaths don’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can find materials for free if you just look around you. For materials you need to purchase, you can go to dollar stores and get what you need for cheap.

Make a wild grapevine wreath by gathering the vines and soaking them in warm water for an hour or until they’re soft and flexible. Take out of the water then coil the vines to form a circle. Make it as tidy as possible. Leave it overnight to dry.

Next, separate the fake bushes you found in the dollar store. Arrange each leaf and branch by sticking them into your wild grapevine wreath. Then add artificial flowers, berries, pumpkins, heather bush, fluffy wheat grass, and whatever greenery you found in the store.

You may use hot glue if you’re placing the wreath somewhere that’s not too sunny. Use burlap to hang your dollar store wreath.

Check out the full instructions here.

Sunshine Wreath

Nothing says fall wreaths more than actual leaves, flowers, twigs and other natural stuff you can find all around you. This sunshine wreath is the perfect example of that.

First, go outside and look for small dead tree branches for your DIY fall wreaths. Make sure you get enough for a large sun-like wreath so you don’t have to go forage again later. Break the thin branches into smaller same-sized pieces.

Next, cut a couple of same-sized circles from a piece of cardboard or carton box. Glue one end of the sticks to one of the circles with the other end pointing out. They should look like the rays of the sun when you’re done. Then glue the paper rosettes over the sticks along with other natural accents you can find.

Check out photos of a sunshine wreath here. For the instructions on how to make the rosettes, see the next item.

Paper Rosette Wreath

Start off by cutting two circles of different sizes. Cut a cardstock into quarters then cut a circle out of each square.  This will be the larger of your circles. For the smaller ones, divide the cardstock into three then cut each piece into three squares. Make a circle out of each one. Draw a spiral inside each circle then cut along the lines. Roll the spiral as tight as possible starting with the outer end. Once completely rolled, pinch it a bit. It should take the shape of a rose once you let go. Do as many as needed.

Place the flowers on a piece of old newspaper then spray it with spray adhesive. Sprinkle with glitter then let them dry.

Hot glue the bottom part of each flower and hold until it dries. Glue the flowers to a foam wreath form. Make sure you cover the foam’s entire surface.

For a complete tutorial, go here.

Pom Pom Wreath

If you prefer colorful fluffy fall wreaths, look no further than the pom pom wreath. You’ve probably made pom poms back in school but you never realized you can use it for things other than cheering.

For your pom pom wreath, you need lots of yarns in different colors. Use a pom pom maker to make pom poms of different sizes and colors. You will need to wrap the yarn around the pom pom maker and then cut the loops. Next, tie the middle with a crochet thread to keep the yarn together. Tie as tight as you can to make the pom pom fuller. Then put a little fabric glue on the knot to make sure it doesn’t loosen. Use your hands to make the pom pom fluffy.

Wrap the wreath frame (foam or wire) with more yarn and secure the ends with fabric glue. Then sew the pom poms onto the wreath using the crochet thread and an embroidery needle. The design of your pom pom wreath will depend entirely on you.

Check this out for the complete tutorials on how to make pom poms as well as the wreath.

These are just a few of the many fall wreaths you can do for your front door. Since Christmas is fast approaching, you can also make Christmas wreaths. You can even make wreaths for your fall wedding. Feel free to share your DIY wreaths in the comment section. For more, DIY projects, head on to The Gentleman Pirate.

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