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Easter Sunday is almost here! Are you all geared up for your annual Easter road trip? Or is this your first time to do long distance driving to celebrate the holiday? If so, then an Easter road trip survival guide is in order.


Check Your Vehicle

One of the most important tips on your Easter road trip survival guide is to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. Simply put, if your car is not fit to travel then you can’t go on your Easter road trip.

Take your car to your local mechanic to have it thoroughly checked to make sure it’s road worthy and capable of driving long distances. The tires should also be inspected. If there’s little tread left, you should replace your tires. It’s quite difficult to control your vehicle once a tire blows up.


Plan Your Route

Once you’ve decided on a destination, you need to determine more than one possible route. You may want to take the fastest route if your main goal is to reach your destination immediately so you can spend some quality time there. There’s also the option of taking the more scenic route in case you want to take the surroundings in a little more. You should also consider the safety of the route. Take note of the locations of fuel stations, eateries, hotels, and local police headquarters. Get their numbers along with that of roadside assistance. Save them on your phone or jot it down on paper. Better yet, do both.

Do a little research on the traffic situation in each are you’ll be passing through. You may want to start your Easter road trip early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam. Learn something about each town or city that you’re passing by. You may want to have a quick stop to check out and taste the local specialties.


Familiarize Yourself

Your Easter road trip may take you to a place that’s rather different from how things are back home. Culture shock usually happens when you go to another country but it’s better to be safe and know a little more about the place and the people at your destination.


Leave A Note

Whether you’re going on an Easter road trip alone or with a group, make sure you tell someone what you have planned. Leave a note, a text message or talk to a friend personally. Just make sure someone knows where you are going and when you’re supposed to return. The moment they realize you haven’t returned on the expected day, they can check on you. If you don’t answer, they can alert the authority of a possible missing in person case. Also, let the others know how to contact you. Leave your phone number along with the other important details of your trip.


Set the Rules

Children are not allowed to talk to strangers. While it’s true that making friends is a quality that should be instilled in children, it’s better to be on the side of caution. Tell the kids that they are not allowed to leave your sight. They should never talk to other people, especially if you are not around. Teach them what to do in case someone grabs them or something bad happens to them. In case they get separated from the rest, they should keep your contact number on them.

Set the buddy system. No one gets out of the vehicle alone. If you need to relieve yourself, ask someone to accompany you to the toilet.


Car Emergency Kit

Be prepared for anything by packing an emergency kit. Make sure you have the right tools for different road emergencies such as a jack and tire rod for flat tires and a fire extinguisher in case of a burning car.

Other important items that should be included in your Easter road trip emergency kit are an early warning device, jumper cables, towing strap or chain, car battery charger, extra fuses, extra oil, antifreeze, and water for the radiator. Check the car’s tool kit and make sure nothing’s left behind.

You should also have road maps, a glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, flashlight, fire starter, signal mirror, foldable shovel, duct tape and a multipurpose tool. Don’t forget to bring your phones and chargers along with a portable hand crank or battery operated radio and a GPS unit.


Pack Right

Aside from the car emergency kit, you should also pack an emergency bag for personal needs. You should have clothes for different weathers. Even if it is hot on the road, it may get pretty cold at night so better have a jacket, poncho and a fleece blanket with you. Bring weather-appropriate gear such as raincoats, umbrellas, boots, and windbreakers.

If you plan on spending at least a night under the stars, don’t forget your tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. Don’t forget your sunglasses, hats, socks, and gloves.

If you or one in your group suffers from an existing medical condition, bring extra supply of their medicines. Your hygiene is also important. Pack toiletries, hand sanitizers, trash bags, toilet papers, and disposable toilet seat covers.


Perhaps the most important facet of your Easter road trip is to have fun. Make this adventure one of the most wonderful memories for the whole family or your group of friends. Of course, you must remember why there is such a holiday in the first place.

If you have other tips to make sure every Easter road trip is safe yet fun, please feel free to comment below. Check out The Gentleman Pirate for more safety and survival tips that you may find handy during your long distance drive.

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