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Some people prefer the serenity of the outdoors than the excitement of the concrete jungle. When it comes to people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, many like he street parties and the pub scenes while a few prefer to enjoy their green beer in the mountains. With some luck o’ the Irish, they have someone like you who believes any holiday is an excuse to shower your loved one with gifts. Since Paddy’s Day is upon us, why not get your man or woman any of these cool St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas. You may find one on this list that suits your outdoorsy partner.



You can never go wrong with a brand new tent, especially if it’s something like this portable hub tent from Gazelle. The pop-up tent can accommodate up to four people though it’s perfect if you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with just the two of you. It comes with a waterproof rainfly with integrated poles. What keeps it apart from most tents is the detachable floor panel.



Ask any outdoor enthusiast and they’ll readily say it pays to be always ready. If you go out alone, you better pray you brought everything you’ll need to survive in case something goes wrong. If you’ve seen 127 Hours or heard about Aron Ralston, you know what we’re saying.

A bivy, for example, is great for keeping you warm in case you’re trapped somewhere cold and hypothermia is a real possibility. The Tact Bivvy from Survival Frog reflects 90% of the heat produced by your body back to you. Plus, it’s pretty compact so you really have no reason not to bring it anywhere you go. And in case you have a little too much green beer and you can’t reach your tent, at least have your bivy handy so you can just wrap yourself in it.



No one spends the whole day in the tent during a camping trip, especially if the weather is nice. You got to go out and enjoy nature. That’s why you went camping, didn’t you? If you’re feet and body are tired from all the hiking, you can rest and relax on a hammock instead of staying in your tent.

The Gold Armour Camping Hammock can fit two people and carry up to 500 pounds thanks to its 21T nylon parachute fabric. We’re not saying you and your partner weighs a combined 500 pounds but if you do, there won’t be any problem. In fact, this hammock has a breaking strength of 1000 pounds, making it a lot strongest than many in the market. That alone makes this 1.5-pound hammock one of the best St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas you can ever think of.


Camping Chair

Some tasks require you to sit down, like watching the stars above while gulping down your green beer. A camping chair, with those two little mesh holes on the arms, is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas you can consider for your lover who loves his or her beer.

The King King Chair from Alps Mountaineering is made of 600D polyester fabric wrapped around a powder-coated steel frame, which can support up to 800 pounds. It comes with beverage holders and storage pockets, including a mesh back pocket.



Of course, when you have a camping chair where you can slip your beer in its arms, you also need a cooler to keep those bottles or cans ice cold.

The heavy duty portable cooler pictured above is made by Coleman so you can be sure it’s a quality product. It has a capacity of 48 quarts and is tall enough to fit a 2-liter bottle. Plus, it comes in green so you get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day even if you’re away from the city.


Cooler Light Accessory

It’s a party and you need to keep the atmosphere alive. Place these cooler lights in your cooler and watch your bottles illuminate.

Cooler Brightz LED cooler lights come in six different colors. Of course, you need the green ones for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


Camping Lantern

Speaking of lights, you can give the outdoor lover in your life a camping lantern. They may be a tad simple but camping lanterns are definitely great St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas.

This compact pocket LED lantern weighs only five ounces but packs a lot of power. A single charge can last for ten hours and is capable of charging your phone and other USB devices.


Hand Warmer

If you do get lost while out hiking or backpacking, you may find yourself exposed to the cold when it gets dark. Aside from building a fire, you can help keep yourself from freezing to death by keeping your hands warm with the device below.

The Quickheat Rechargeable Hand Warmer also acts as a 5,000mAh Power Bank. That means you can stay warm while you can still charge your phone to call for help.


Water Filter

When the party gets a little out of hand, you may end up dead drunk somewhere in the middle of the woods. If you loiter and can’t get back to camp because of your drunken stupor, pray that you have some water with you.

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will let you drink even dirty water so you don’t have to worry about dehydration, which should be a problem if you drank too much.



It’s unlikely you’ll find a pot of gold while you’re lost in the woods even if there’s a rainbow nearby. What’s even more valuable than some treasure hidden by leprechauns is your compass.

Give your loved one something like the Pathfinder Glo Pocket Compass so they can make it back to you if they do get lost in the wilderness.


There are certainly more St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas out there. A tactical flashlight like the TC1200 from 1TAC, for example, is another great gift to give your loved one. Not only does it light up the way, it’s also a good self-defense tool. If you recommend something in particular, please share them in the comment section. Go to The Gentleman Pirate to find more survival and camping gear your loved one will definitely love to receive.

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