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What Would Joey Do In A Car Crash

In the United States, there are 43.3 million households with pets. An estimated 80% of that figure takes their pets for a ride. Without grabbing a calculator, we know that’s a huge number of pets riding in cars. Now consider that there were 6.3 million road accidents...

Valuable Safety Tips On How to Have A Fire-Free Christmas

Christmas season is here! Bring out the lights, fire up the fire place, turn up the oven, and prepare the fire extinguisher! That’s right folks. Even if it’s freezing cold outside, fire is still a real hazard during Christmas season. Many of you will be putting up...

Valuable Road Safety Tips For the Holidays

It’s that time of year when road safety tips are even more important than ever. Christmas season is here and many of you are probably planning to go home for the holidays. It’s great to finally celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family after months or even years...

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