The Ultimate Survival Kit Actually Only Needs 5 Items to Keep You Going

The Ultimate Survival Kit Actually Only Needs 5 Items to Keep You Going

There are many survival kits available in the market today. But did you know that you can put together your very own ultimate survival kit? Surprisingly, you only need five types of items to build your very own survival kit for any situation. See what they are below, in order of importance.


The most important item in the ultimate survival kit is shelter. Without this, the chance of all other items getting you by is close to zero.

That is because human can only survive three hours without proper shelter. The right shelter keeps body temperature in check. There is no assuring that you’ll be in a place suitable for survival. But you can step up your game and make living conditions better by including emergency shelter items in your ultimate survival kit.

See these:

Warmth and Outdoor Shelter Kit

Everything you need to stay warm and dry is already included in this kit: body warmers, a tube tent, an emergency poncho and an emergency sleeping bag. Check it out here.

Wenzel Pine Ridge 5-Person Family Dome Tent

This tent is tough enough to last. It is quick and easy to put up. The design also effectively amplifies light from your flashlight. Read more about it here.


One can only last 3 days before perishing without water. If you’re lucky enough to have a water source nearby, you’ll most probably survive. If not, check out these awesome products below.

72-Hour Water Survival Kit

This includes a 2-gallon water storage bag and 50 water purification tablets. Get it here.

Lifestraw Community Water Filter

Especially designed to give you access to safe, clean water you can drink. This size gives you 70,000 – 100,000 liters of drinking water from dirty and contaminated water. Buy it here.


Fire can be used to boil water, cook food, keep your body warm and make you feel safe and secure. Make sure your ultimate survival kit is not without a fire starter.


Tesla USB Rechargeable Double Arc Lighter

Start a fire with a press of a button! This lighter gives you 300 sparks and is rechargeable. Get it here.

Fire Laces – Paracord Shoelace Fire Starter Tool by Survival Frog

This is an amazing fire-starting wearable that is the first of its kind. See how it works here.


Humans can go as long as three weeks without food, provided that there’s a safe environment and water to keep them going. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be stocking up on food, however. The body still needs nourishment to function.

Some may survive by scavenging. Others may get by eating wild plants. But that means having the knowledge to correctly identify edible from poisonous plants. There’s also no guarantee there’ll be plants at all where you’re taking shelter.

Get the right kind of food for your ultimate survival kit. Check out:

Wise 56 Serving Breakfast & Entrée Grab & Go Food Kit

This high quality food kit from Wise Food gives you the best bang for your buck! Each packet gives provides up to 780 calories of your daily nutritional needs. They taste amazing too. Learn more about it here.

Family Emergency 72-Hour Survival Food Kit by Legacy – 32 Servings

Get eight great-tasting meals that give your body what it truly needs in an emergency situation. This survival food kit is high in fiber, low in cholesterol and low in sodium. It will last 25 years. See more about it here.

First Aid

Help your body survive by stocking up on first aid items! The ultimate survival kit shouldn’t be without these life-saving items. Check out:

IOSAT Potassium Iodide Radiation Blocking Tablets

These tablets could save you from radioactive iodine in the event of a terrorist attack or a nuclear disaster. Get them here.

Hip-Pack Medical Kit 320-Pieces

This emergency trauma kit gives you all the essentials and more! See why it exceeds the ANSI standard for first aid supplies here.

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